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IDENTIFY - Your session begins with a short assessment to pinpoint the source of your stress & pain 

APPLY - Massage and bodywork are then applied to the areas of your concern. For our more full body sessions, techniques are woven into your time to give you a seamless experience 

SUPPORT - Also included is a list of take aways to support you on your road to recovery

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Take Aways

 - Easy downtime stretching & self massage techniques

 - Ergonomic hacks to improve your work & home environments 

- Real time meditation routines that are realistic for your busy lifestyle

- Links to suggested items & products specific to your ailments that you can purchase online 

Business Comparison

I believe you deserve the be aligned with the best therapist and business for your chronic pain issues. Compare other massage establishments to Massage In Soma to see if we would be a good fit to work together.    

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Holding Hands

Are you ready to get down to the root of your pain? 

Being alone with your pain can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Having a massage therapist who understands chronic pain to coach you and contribute to your healing can be the missing piece to your recovery.   

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Book a Single Session

Not quite ready to team up to resolve your chronic pain?
No Problem!

"Get The Ball Rolling With A Single Session"


Chronic Pain Reduction & Sport Recovery 

Book this session if you have pain that is persisting for more than 1 week or longer. Or you have pain that cycles.

(clears up but comes back)

This session is also a perfect for sport recovery and support while going through PT. 


Body Maintenance & Assisted Stretching  

Book this session if you have minor muscle pain from a specific activity or event.

This session is also good for general health maintenance, maintenance from the gym, or maintenance after going through a PT program.    


Relaxation & Stress Management 

Book this session if you are experiencing emotional or physical pain from stress and overwhelm. Or massage is already a"go to" in managing your stress.   

This session is also great to celebrate a special event, a gift for that special someone, or as a "pamper me"gift for yourself.  

Not quite ready to team up to resolve your chronic pain?
No Problem!


Pregnant belly

Now Offering Prenatal Massage

For The Working Mother

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