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Business Comparison

Let's face it. Searching for a good massage practitioner can be challenging. Especially when you are in pain. And I would love to win your business right off the bat. But I also think it is important for you to feel confident with whom you choose to work with.


I have compiled a list of 3 neighboring massage establishments to my business plus a bonus business. I have given a brief synopsis of what they do, their pros and cons and the prices for their base services. All of my data has come from my client's sharing their experiences of these businesses and/or my findings on Google Reviews. 

Suchada Thai Massage

Suchada Thai Massage is SOMA's go-to Thai massage place. Suchada has done a great job in providing their customers with an authentic Thai massage experience. They also offer massage classes for the Thai massage enthusiast. If you are looking for a good stretch by way of a Thai massage, Suchada would be a great fit for you.


Centrally located in the SOMA area

Prices are competitive with other Thai massage establishments in the area

Beautifully decorated giving you a spa like experience 

Professional staff who are knowledgeable in the art of Thai massage


No private rooms available if you prefer privacy for your massage  

Difficult to schedule with the practitioner of your choice

Sessions tend to be generalized. ie not tailored to your specific needs

Thai massage is not advisable for chronic pain issues or the early stages of an injury


Suchada: 60min - $95 | 90min - $135 | 2hr - $180

Massage In Soma - 60min - $140 | 90min - $165 | 2hr - $185 

Psoas Massage + Bodywork

Psoas Massage + Bodywork has positioned itself as a high volume deep tissue - sport massage studio. Acting more like a clinic than a traditional massage studio, if you are looking for a direct approach to your recovery Psoas can be a solid choice to begin your healing journey.  


Located on the perimeter of SOMA & FiDi (close to SF MOMA)

Space is slick, modern and professional matching well with their brand identity 

Professional staff trained in modalities other than spa massage

Staff are knowledgeable concerning the function of the body 


Difficult to schedule day of appointments or reschedule with a particular practitioner

Hit and miss with the quality of practitioner's level of expertise 

Service is lacking if you are looking for a more personable massage experience   

Space is set up and feels more like a clinic than a traditional massage studio 


Psoas: 60min - $150 - $165 | 90min - $180 - $245

Massage In Soma - 60min - $140 | 90min - $165 | 2hr - $185  

Cocoon Day Spa Soma

Cocoon Day Spa  is a combination of a relaxing spa and a wellness experience. Their menu of services covers many modalities from a traditional Swedish massage, Indian head massage to  light therapy. Bonus! One of the few places offering lymphatic drainage massage. 


Chic and modern spa decor lending to a fun urban spa experience

Perfect for a spa party or spa wedding party large or small

Evening hours are available for single bookings or spa events  

Offering a wide aray of spa and wellness treatments including lymphatic drainage massage 


Parking can be challenging and expensive 

A bit of a massage mill, sub par customer service and the quality of treatments are rushed

Reports of practitioners not being very skilled 

Prices are on the high side for any session longer than 60min  


Cocoon: 60min - $140 | 90min - $200

Massage In Soma - 60min - $140 | 90min - $165 | 2hr - $185  

The Massage Lab
(Bonus Business)

Looking for an affordable basic massage? Then head on over to Massage Lab. SF Massage School's student massage clinic. From the front desk to the massage rooms, Massage Lab has done a stellar job in mimicking for their graduating students what a professional spa will be like.  And it is nice to know your patronage contributes to a student earning their massage wings.  


Affordable if you are on a budget and need a basic 60min massage

Front desk staff are very personable and accommodating

Students are professional and exact as possible with their sessions

Facility is clean, comfortable and well organized  


Clinic is in a sketchy part of town and parking is very challenging 

Seasoned massage skills are limited  ie. student massage 

Be prepared to fill out a student feedback form every time you go for a massage 

Client receiving room could use a bit more attention. Random chairs and not so spa like  



Massage Lab: 60min - $125 

Massage In Soma - 60min - $140 | 90min - $165 | 2hr - $185 

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