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About Amanda Darnell

Amanda Darnell

(1200 Cert Hours)

2009 World School of Massage SF CA - 300 Hrs

2010 Bauman School of Holistic Nutrition Berk CA - 300 Hrs

2012 Diamond Method SF CA - AMT Training Program

2021 SF Massage School SF CA - 600 Hrs


My name is Amanda Darnell owner and operator of Massage In Soma. I have been taking care of workers in high stress occupations for the past 13 years in my practice by combining intuitive touch, deep listening and technical knowledge of the body. My passion is helping workers in high stress occupations find relief from their work day stress and pain. 

I Am A "Solo-Independent" Practice

Unlike many of the other massage establishments in the SOMA area, I run a solo practice.  This means I own and operate my massage establishment by myself.

This gives me a big advantage over other places:

1. I get to practice the type of massage I am passionate about. Unlike a larger practice that dictates the types of sessions their practitioners must perform

2. I work on quality rather than quantity. This means that you will not get a therapist that is overworked and burned out. We call this "massage milled" in the industry. 

3. You will get 100% of my care and attention in your session since I am not pressured to fufill a strict session quota for the day 

"You will always get the massage you deserve and that makes a real difference in your health and well-being."  

Massage Styles

I utilise a wide range of massage techniques to help reduce pain and tension, improve mobility and increase relaxation. 

Deep tissue-sport massage, myofascial release, active release, active myofascial therapy (AMT), trigger point, pre/post surgery prep & recovery, assisted stretching, PnF, Esalen/Swedish mix.

Nervous System Rebalancing

This year (2023) I am excited to have the opportunity to mentor into a gentler body work style that assists the nervous system with untying itself from deeply rooted pain.  Having both massage styles now at my disposal gives me a wonderful opportunity to address chronic pain on a deeper level. Your inroad to pain relief does not have to be forceful or difficult on your body. Both styles of massage can co-exist in your session in order to get the job done. I look forward to being part of your journey toward better health and comfort with your body.

Who I Work With

IT Professionals, Medical Professionals (UCSF), Bio Tech Professionals, Law Professionals (City Hall & Bryant St Court Building & jail), SFPD & SFFD, Local Unions & SF Public Works, Construction Workers.


The Issues I Address

Migraines & Headaches (TMJ), Neck & Shoulder Pain (Tech-neck), Repetitive Strain & Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica & Hip Pain (IT, QL, Psoas), Hip & Knee Replacement Recovery, Shin Splints & Stafford Fasciitis, Restless Sleep & Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression.

Massage Programs

I understand that stress and pain can manifest in many forms, often over an extended period of time. And sometimes it takes patience and persistence to set things right again. My Massage Packages can be tailored to your specific needs. In our time together I will support and guide you through this process in a structured and informative way. No longer will you be a bystander or in complete mystery about your chronic stress and pain. Visit my Massage Packages page and let's get you back to feeling great again.


Your Needs & Concerns Will Always Be Taken Seriously

You deserve to be "listened to and not talked at" concerning your stress and pain. And as an experienced massage therapist, I understand that each person's body is unique. That's why I always give time to check in with you at each of your sessions in order to craft your massage specific to what your pain and stress concerns are. I’m here to provide the best massage experience and results in your session.


Lastly, you deserve to receive the massage you came in for! I invite you to read a few of my reviews to get a further idea of my work and how I can help.  


81 "5 Star" Reviews on Google and 18 "5 Star" Reviews on Yelp.  


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