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Session Types

Session Types

Massage Sessions

Session #1

"Deep Tissue Massage" w/ Nervous System Rebalancing" 

(Targeted - Rehabilitating)

Book this session if you have pain that is persisting for more than 1 week or longer. Or you have pain that cycles.

(clears up but comes back)

This session is also a perfect for support while going through physical therapy.

Session #2

"Stretching Combo Sport Massage"

Bodywork & Massage

(Full Body - Maintenance) 

Book this session if you have minor muscle pain from a specific activity or event.

This session is also good for general health, sport recovery or maintenance after going through physical therapy.   

Session #3

"Swedish - Esalen Mix"

Pure Relaxation Massage

(Full Body - Stabil. & Maint.)

Book this session if you are experiencing emotional or physical pain from stress and overwhelm. Or massage is already a"go to" in managing your stress.   

This session is also great to celebrate a special event, a gift for that special someone, or as a "pamper me"gift for yourself.  

Session #4

"Fibromyalgia Gua-sha Massage"

w/Cannabis Oil 

(Full Body or Targeted)

This session is specifically designed to stimulate blood flow and release fascia adhesions from the effects of fibromyalgia. Gua-sha is 1st applied and then the session is finished off with a cannabis oil massage for extra pain relief and relaxation. 

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Deep Tissue
Stretching Combo
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