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Becoming Pain Free

Becoming Pain Free

Becoming Pain Free

Becoming Pain Free

Becoming Pain Free

Becoming Pain Free

 Pain Relief Massage 

 Pain Relief Massage 

 For High Stress Occupations

 For High Stress Occupations

Welcome To Massage In Soma

Helping workers in high stress occupations
find relief from their work day stress and pain

Is This You At Work?

"I have painful "techneck" sitting at my desk."

"I have carpal tunnel when swinging a hammer."

"I have sciatica while standing at work."

"After work I suffer from anxiety & insomnia."

"New Flash!

You Deserve To Be Comfortable In Your Body At Work."

"How can you relieve my pain and get me feeling better again?"

Massage In Soma listens to how you are working in pain and then creates a custom massage experience specific to helping you achieve physical and emotional wellbeing.

How is an "Independent" Massage Studio" different than other places?

Massage In Soma is a personalised, low-volume, practice. This allows me to offer a consistent, higher caliber massage session than spas, massage clinics and larger massage collectives. READ MORE

Meet Your Practitioner

Amanda Darnell


Amanda Darnell. Operating Massage In Soma Since 2010

1200 Cert. Hrs. | 13 Yrs. In Practice | 81 - 5 Star Reviews

Type "massage near me" to find  me on Google Maps



An Indepentent Massage Studio



Unlike High Volume Spas, Massage Collectives

& Massage Clinics

Your Massage Experience Will Always Be...

Unique and in the moment. Because I get to choose how I run my business

I Guarantee... 

That I am "Not" overworked and burned out. Because I am able to set my own session quotas 

And You Will Consistently Receive...

100% of my care and attention in your session. Because I believe you deserve.

"Great Customer Service"   

Proof Is In The Pudding!

Check out what people are saying about Massage In Soma  

81 "5-Star" Google Reviews"   

Clients I Serve


IT Professionals

Medical Professionals (UCSF)

Bio Tech Professionals

Law Professionals




Local Unions & Public Works SF

Construction Workers

Issues I Address


Migraines & Headaches (TMJ)

Neck & Shoulder Pain (Tech-neck)

Repetitive Strain & Carpal Tunnel

Sciatica & Hip Pain (IT, QL, Psoas Release)

Hip & Knee Replacement Recovery

Shin Splints & Stafford Fasciitis

* Fibromyalgia *



Restless Sleep & Insomnia

Anxiety & Depression

Is stress & pain affecting your performance at work? 


Book A Massage Today


Massage In Soma is your local, independently owned SF massage studio specialising in stress and pain relief for high-stress occupations. My massage sessions aim to improve your overall function and physical wellbeing. 

Review my current COVID safety protocols to help keep our community healthy.

Book A Session


Chronic Pain Reduction & Injury Recovery 

Book this session if you have muscle pain that is persisting for more than 1 week or longer. Or you have pain that cycles.

(clears up but comes back)

This session is also a perfect for support while going through physical therapy.


Sport & Body Maintenance, Assisted Stretching  

Book this session if you have minor muscle pain and body aches from a specific activity or event.

This session is also good for general health, sport recovery or maintenance after going through physical therapy.    


Relaxation & Stress Management 

Book this session if you are experiencing emotional or physical pain from stress at work and work anxiety. Or massage is already a"go to" in managing your mental health. 


 This session is also great to celebrate a special event, a gift for someone special, or as a "pamper me"gift for yourself.  


Deep Tissue Massage | Sport Massage | Trigger Point | Myofascial Release | Active Myofascial Therapy | Nervous System Rebalancing | Assisted Stretching | Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation | Swedish Massage-Esalen Massage Mix | Gus-sha | Cannabis Oil Massage

Pouring Massage Oil

~ Featured Massage Session ~



"Gua-sha Massage with Cannabis Oil " 

Payments Accepted: Online Visa, MC, Amex | Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, Cash | Invoice for HSA Accounts


81 "5-Stars"on Google    

Amanda is a very experienced massage therapist who spends time getting to know her clients and any of their physical ailments and applies the pressure and techniques for optimal results. My shoulders and tight arms feel amazing after her massages, thanks Amanda!
picture of the Bay Bridge in SOMA



411 Brannan St SF, CA 94107

Mon - Fri 11am - 8pm Appointment Only



411 Brannan St. SF, CA 94107 | Mon thru Fri 11am - 8pm 

Massage in Soma serves South of Market SF & FIDi financial district SF | 2 blocks from Oracle Park SF & Caltrain SF - SOMA 4th & King St.

Type "massage therapist near me" or "deep tissue near me" to find me on Google Maps  

Massage In Soma is your local, independently owned SF massage studio specialising in chronic pain relief for high-stress occupations. It has been operating out of South of Market, San Francisco CA. since 2010. 

Type massage near me to find  me on Google Maps

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