Welcome to Massage In Soma. Your local massage studio serving locals and travelers in Soma, SF's Financial District and the SFO area.

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Massage In Soma has the right to refuse service to anybody at any time who attempts to compromise the safety or sanctity of the practitioner and/or the establishment concerning: Online Reputation, Professional Time, Personal Safety, and/or Financial Well-being. 




Welcome to Massage In Soma. Your local massage studio serving locals and travelers in Soma, SF's Financial District and the SFO area. Our specialties range from stress reduction, sport and corrective massagespa relaxation massage, traveler's massage and out call massage. Massage In Soma is also the home to Amanda Darnell, CMT's  Signature "Stretching Massage." 


"We strive to create a caring personable experience. " 


Along with being locally accessible, here at Massage In Soma, we strive to create a caring and personable experience with each and every one of your sessions. We are genuinely interested your welfare. And with this realization, we see you as unique in your body's health needs. 


No matter if it is your 1st time or your 100th time with us, your session will always be tailored to what your body is calling for at that moment.

For this, a consult on how you are doing as a whole being is included in your session to assure your session is crafted specifically for you and only you! 


Book a session today at Massage In Soma and experience how our local, personable, accessible massage studio will make in the quality of your daily health and wellbeing.  


350 Townsend St Suite 310

San Francisco, CA 94107

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Meet Amanda Darnell, the massage practitioner behind Massage In Soma. Amanda carries a loyal and long standing client base since the opening of her business in 2009. She takes pride in creating massage and wellness sessions with an "in the moment, solution based" style. This allows her to address your pain and stress concerns in a realistic, proactive way. 


Beyond the physical aspects of your body Amanda also highlights the physiological and lifestyle habits of your being in respect to how it affects your over-all stress and pain concerns. By the end of your experience at Massage In Soma you will take away a deeper understanding of your health challenges and how to integrate simple "tricks of the trade" to promote a sense of well-being way beyond the time spent in your session. 



Amanda Darnell comes to you with a combined experience of 9 years in the holistic health and fitness industries. In 2009 Amanda graduated from the World School of Massage SF CA and continued on to Bauman School of Holistic Nutrition Berkeley CA, earning her Nutrition Education Certification in 2010. In 2012 Amanda trained in Irene Diamond's Active Release Therapy and is one of the few practitioners in the country to offer this dynamic corrective massage technique. 



With 7 years of personal experience in bodybuilding and fitness Amanda enjoys teaming up with her athletically driven clients, creating massage programs specifically geared toward athletic health and wellness. With Sport and Corrective Massage and sport nutrition suggestions, Amanda is able to improve your performance, support you hitting your goals and helping you overcome plateaus. 


Before opening Massage In Soma Amanda was a flight attendant for American Airlines. She loved her job but realized that a flying lifestyle had a heavy impact on her health and wellbeing. In order to solve this problem, Amanda set out on developing a simple health care routine that she used though out her time in the sky. Now as a health care practitioner, Amanda has taken her routine and rolled it into a massage and health protocol session specifically designed for the busy traveler's body in mind.



Amanda also has a deep study in Personal Development and the Spiritual Arts taking her training from Hoffman Institute, Landmark Education and Spiritual yoga practice. Throughout the years in business, she has observed the high amounts of stress in her client's daily lives. Being called to be of service on a deeper level, In 2016, Amanda rolled out her new Stress Reduction Program which combines Western stress reduction techniques with Eastern philosophies. 


By bridging Western with Eastern practices, Amanda takes healing beyond massage and offers an opportunity for her clients to re-educate toward a mastery in self-resilience and awareness. She does this with the help of nutrition, cutting edge neuroscience, Eastern philosophy, simple meditation and a personally developed immersive massage session (Escape Session). All of these techniques are integrated into a personalized program designed to give the recipient an encountered experience in relating to one's self and one's environment. 


Amanda developed her Stress Reduction Program with the belief that the beginning of true health begins with the empowered self. This healing and re-education process can be achieved at any age, as long as there is a yearning or desire to shift ones reality toward a healthier path of existing. 






Massage In Soma offers an array of sessions ranging from Stress Reduction, Sport and Corrective Massage to Spa Relaxation Massage. Our goal is to acknowledge you as a whole being addressing both the physical and non physical manifestations of pain. 

"Our goal is to acknowledge you as a whole being."

Curious about Massage In Soma's Menu of Sessions?  

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Being physically active is very beneficial on many levels. Here at Massage In Soma we are a big support in you getting active and staying safely active with our Sport & Corrective Massage Sessions. All our techniques have immediate results in reducing pain and returning effective range of motion to the affected areas of concern. 

Re-ignite your inner peace and with our Stress Reduction Program and begin enjoying a more relaxing, rewarding existence. At Massage In Soma we believe in a holistic approach to this goal. By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of self we re-educate your body and mind on how to become a more resilient person in the face of modern day stresses. 


Spas traditionally have been a place of respite and rejuvenation. At Massage In Soma our studio is an oasis of calm in a busy and demanding world. Come in and slow down a bit. Enjoy a up of tea, and select from one of our Spa Relaxation Massages. Serenity is only a call or click away. 

Dragging heavy suitcases through terminals, eating unhealthy airport food and being 10, 000+ miles up in the air can reek havoc on your body. Here at Massage In Soma we realize this need and have developed a massage and health protocol session specifically designed for the busy traveler's body in mind.  


Massage In Soma's Signature Stretching Massage is our flagship massage session. This massage addresses the body, mind and spirit all rolled into a 90min or 2hr experience. 

With the help of modern ambient music paired with yoga like stretching moves you will be transported into an experience of mental expansion and pure relaxation.  A truly unique massage experience that will leave you with a deep sense of emotional and physical well being.



Thank you for your contacting us. If you have specific questions about our services or would like to share specific details about your health concerns before arriving to your appointment please leave your message here. 

PH: 415-240-0854


411 Brannan | Street San Francisco, CA 94107

350 Townsend St

Suite 310 

San Francisco, CA 



Ph: 415-240-0854  

Hours: 11am - 8pm M - F 

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