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Massage In Soma has the right to refuse service to anybody at any time who attempts to compromise the safety or sanctity of the practitioner and/or the establishment concerning: Online Reputation, Professional Time, Personal Safety, and/or Financial Well-being. 


Committing to a Health & Well-being Program is a big step toward personal change. The effort involved can be physically and emotionally challenging, but the outcome can be deeply rewarding and life changing. 


If you are ready to open yourself toward a healthier way of living, you may want to check out one of our Health & Well-being Programs.  


Personal challenges are met with many rewards! Especially when there are realistic goals set and there is support along the way. 


I look forward to being your trusted guide on your journey toward a healthier, happier you. 

~ Amanda D ~     



If you are ready to make significant changes in your life concerning how you deal with stress? Our Stress Re-Education Program may be a great fit for you in achieving this shift. 


In our Stress Re-Education Program, we practice a three prong approach to achieve the best stress reduction results.

  • We first do an intake where we dedicate time to get to know who you are and the life you are leading

  • We then craft a personalIzed and realistic stress re-education program which includes healthy lifestyle/nutrition tips along and stress management re-education techniques

  • All of the above are enhanced with 4 Escape Massage Sessions

 ** Escape Sessions are infused with specialized binary beat music coupled with very specific massage techniques.  These sessions will allow you to gently release deeply rooted stress returning you to center and clarity. They are also used to support your mind and body as you shift to a healthier and more peaceful way of life. 

Would you like to find out more about how stress is affecting your health?



Massage In Soma's Traveler's Massage is specifically designed for the busy traveler's body in mind and includes Amanda's Signature Stretching Massage, nutrition, sleep and stress management tricks. We also offer a FLEXIBLE PRE-BOOKING SYSTEM which will move you to the top of our scheduling calendar assuring you the care and attention you need. 

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Amanda's Signature Stretching Massage is Massage In Soma's Flagship session. This massage addresses the body, mind and spirit rolled into a 90min or 2hr session. With the help of modern ambient music along with a combination of spa, energetic, and stretching techniques you will be transported into an experience of mental expansion and deep relaxation. Many clients have commented after their session that they feel amazing in their body and mind and of course well stretched! 


Esalen Massage is a sister massage to Swedish. It’s roots are taken from many other modalities such as oriental medicine, meditation, gestalt and somatic mind-body psychology. Long, sweeping, flowing strokes are applied up and down the body creating waves of energy, awakening the sleeping spirit and mind from within. It is not unusual to hear, “That was the most amazing massage I’ve ever received!” 


Escape Session is geared toward alleviating deeply rooted chronic stress. By using specific binary beat music paired with specific massage moves the practitioner is able to create a safe space for the body to naturally unwind while the mind is given a chance to expand within it's own space and time. The Escape Session is used in our Stress Re-Education Program or can be enjoyed as a solo session. 

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