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Massage In Soma has the right to refuse service to anybody at any time who attempts to compromise the safety or sanctity of the practitioner and/or the establishment concerning: Online Reputation, Professional Time, Personal Safety, and/or Financial Well-being. 


Massage In Soma offers an array of sessions, packages, and programs.  Take a look at the Menu of Services and get started today toward a healthier state of being. 

Corrective Sport Massage

Are You Experiencing Chronic Pain & Stiffness (1mo or more) :

- From injury 

- From traveling

- From sports/fitness

- Neck, back and arm pain from work

- Persistent headaches & Migraines

Did you wake today or this week w/: 

- Kinks in neck back from incorrect        sleeping positions

- Kinks in neck back from traveling

- A sudden pull, ie "tying your shoe"


Session Fee:

60min $135

90min $155


Massage Program

Program Overview:

Traveler's Massage is specifically designed for the busy traveler's body in mind and includes Amanda's Signature Stretching Massage, nutrition, sleep and stress management tricks. We also offer a FLEXIBLE PRE-BOOKING SYSTEM which will move you to the top of our scheduling calendar assuring you the care and attention you need. 

Program Fee:


Signature Stretching Massage

Are You Experiencing General Muscle Pain & Stiffness from:

- Your workouts

- Your life activities

- Being a weekend warrior

- Moving furniture

Or Interested in:

- Adding assisted stretching to your  healthcare routine

- Conditioning for a marathon or  long distance sport

- General maintenance and health 

Session Fee:

60min $135

90min $155

2hrs    $165

Stress Reduction

Coaching Program

Program Overview:

Re-ignite your inner peace and with Stress Reduction Program and begin enjoying a more relaxing, rewarding existence. We believe in a holistic approach to this goal by addressing the physical and mental aspects of self to re-educate your body and mind on how to become a more resilient person in the face of modern day stresses. 

Program Fee:


Relaxing Spa Massage

Are You Experiencing:

- Sleep difficulties

- Low mood, anxiety or depression

- General tiredness

- Nervousness or an overactive mind

- High stress at work or home

- Body exhaustion

- Emotional challenges or upset

 Or Just:

- Celebrating something special

- Want to pamper yourself

- Simply taking a "Me Day"

Session Fee:

60min $135

90min $155




Packages of 6    

5 % off orig. price

Packages of 8    

10% off orig. price

Packages of 10  

15% off orig. price

Package Fees:

5 - 15% Off

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