Welcome to Massage In Soma. Your local massage studio serving locals and travelers in Soma, SF's Financial District and the SFO area.

350 Townsend St., San Francisco CA 94107 | Hours: 11am - 8pm Mon - Fri | Ph: 415-240-0854

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Massage In Soma has the right to refuse service to anybody at any time who attempts to compromise the safety or sanctity of the practitioner and/or the establishment concerning: Online Reputation, Professional Time, Personal Safety, and/or Financial Well-being. 


Massage In Soma prides itself on being a locally accessible massage studio with in-call massage for our local community. But we also realize that there is a large visiting contingent who is in need of massage too. So, to meet the demands of all San Francisco dwellers, we offer out-call massage to major hotels in San Francisco's Financial District and the outer lying SFO area.

To add to this accessibility Massage In Soma also has a convenient On-Line Booking System where you can book and pay for your sessions at your convenience. Or if you prefer a more personalized booking experience we also accept Phone Bookings.

BOOK BY PHONE (415) 240-0854  

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